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Drainage and Gabion

Product Price per Tonne
Basalt 40 – 70mm $50
Basalt 70 – 200mm $55
Basalt 100 – 350mm $60
Basalt 350 – 500mm $60

Armour Rock

Product Price per Tonne Notes
Basalt 400 – 700mm compliant $90 2.6T/m3
Basalt 700 – 1000mm compliant $90 2.6T/m3
Basalt 1000 – 1200mm compliant $100 2.6T/m3
Basalt 1200 – 2600mm compliant Varies 2.6T/m3
Basalt 400 – 1000mm non-compliant $50
Compliant – Kiwirail, NZTA, LPC, NCTIR etc approved
Density and weathering tests available

Landscape and Driveway

Product Price per Tonne Notes
8 – 20mm Red Clean Chip $42
20 – 40mm Red Clean Chip $40
8 – 20mm Brown / Grey Clean Chip $42
20 – 40mm Brown / Grey Clean Chip $40
8 – 20mm Black Clean Chip $60
20 – 40mm Black Clean Chip $65
Basalt 300 – 400mm Round $60
Basalt 400 – 700mm Round $90
Basalt 700 – 1000mm Round $90
Stonemason Rock – Oxford Grey / Brown $120
Stonemason Rock – Oxford Black $150

Other Products

Product Price per Tonne Notes
Unprocessed Bentonite $150
Unscreened Silica Sand $40
Horse Arena Silica Sand $50
Ag Lime $38
Cleanfill Dumping $8
0 – 40mm Pivot Rut/AP40 $18
0 – 8mm Crusher Dust $18

All prices ex quarry, exclude GST and based on minimum of 10 tonnes.
Discount available for large quantities.
All products are sold in tonnes.


Oxford Quarry has upgraded facilities including a storage and processing shed and plant to provide a high quality lime product.

Basalt Rock

Our hard basalt rock is proven to provide superior erosion control. Ideal for Harbours and break waters, lakeside or riverside protection.

Fine Sand

We have vast quantities of fine sand available. Ideal for drainage, concrete pad site prep, pipe bedding and topsoil blend for lawns.

Landscape Rock & Boulders

We have a large range of boulders in different colours, shapes and sizes. These boulders make great landscape rocks for gardens and entrance ways.

Gabion Rock

We supply 65-200 mm rock ideal for retaining walls or decorative areas. A structurally sound solution whilst still being aesthetically pleasing.

Betonite Clay

A cost effective source for lining ponds and lakes. Also used for fixing holes in dams and wells. We have a range of bentonite clay available sold in bulk.

Lime Fertiliser Blend

We’ll provide lime and fertiliser to improve your soil health and fertility, leading to increased production and yield.


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